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8 Signs Your Relationship Might Be Sinking...

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

Have you been questioning your relationship lately? Below are 10 signs that your relationship might be heading for trouble.

1. Have you stopped saying and kissing good morning and good night? If you used to start your days on a more loving note, chances are the relationship could be struggling to stay afloat.

2. Fewer and fewer tele and texts! If your significant other usually calls you after lunch, on his or her way home from work, or before bedtime when you’re not together and the calls have been reduced to once a day or a few times a week, your sweetheart may be disengaging from the relationship.

3. Pet names disappear. He or she goes from saying, “It’s me” to leaving messages with their first or full name, assume the familiarity and romance are on their way out. Affectionate pet names are part of a relationship. It’s what makes you unique as a couple and puts a smile on your face.

4. Plans are made without you in mind. If your normal routine is to see each other a few times a week and on weekends and suddenly your significant other would rather go out for drinks with friends and go home alone instead of into your arms, assume they are creating more distance and are open to the possibilities of meeting someone else.

5. Future talks are put on hold. If you had been discussing living together or even planning a vacation six months out and now you’re not sure when you’ll be getting together in the next few days, your relationship suddenly might become a short-term affair, and not with someone who wants to go the distance anymore.

6. Sex dissipates. Having a healthy sex life creates bonding in a relationship. If you’re partner is having doubts about the relationship, often sex is the first thing to go. If your sex life goes from “hot” to “not,” there’s a possibility your partner is detaching from the relationship.

7. PDA disappears. If you’re the kind of affectionate couple who holds hands in public and loves cuddling at night and you find yourself sleeping on your side of the bed, there could be trouble in paradise. If the welcome home kisses are no longer part of your regime, it’s a sign that you might be falling out of the love zone.

8. Pet names begin to disappear. While pet names can be more important to women than men, if you’ve been introduced as the girlfriend, boyfriend or partner and suddenly you’re being introduced as, “This is Kim,” there could be trouble on the horizon or you might be moving into the friend zone. Or if you are used to calling each other by babe, baby, sweetie or honey, and now you hear each other's names more frequently, you might want to begin talking about the real issues.

I'd love to help you uncover these issues or help you talk about them in approachable ways. Which of these 8 signs apply to you and your relationship? I'd love to hear your story, schedule a time with me and let's chat!

Cheers, Shawn

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