Meet kim gowanloch, Master Coach

Helping Couples Thrive

Kim is a coach for Reimagine Love, a coaching company who specializes in LOVE and works with individuals and couples who want to improve their relationships and their lives in a totally vulnerable, connected, and loving way. 


Kim has spent the last 20ish years mothering, mentoring, and coaching her four children. She resides with her family in beautiful, sunny Orlando, Florida. She and her family enjoy all of the theme parks, nearby beaches, natural parks and lakes that the area has to offer. 


She has spent hundreds of hours volunteering within her school and community. Her volunteer work included running the PTA as the President for the past several years. 

A natural helper, her role as a coach has become immensely rewarding. Helping individuals and couples achieve true happiness and teaching them how to get every single juicy bit out of this glorious life, is her number one goal. 


Shawn has been Kim’s coaching mentor for many years and it is an honor for her to be able to transcend all she has learned from Shawn and work with her own clients.  


Kim’s early career in luxury property management has given her a unique perspective in leading teams, couples and her family as a household -while understanding that often times, the actual problems and frustrations that arise tend to be from a lack of taking radical self-responsibiliyt and solid systems. 

Kim's Specialties:

Kim specializes in helping couples who are struggling with issues like parenting, growing apart, infidelity, communication, sexual issues and sexual dysfunction, and , heal resentments and hurt, and helping couples get on the same page and work to be a collaborative team.

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