Meet Dr. Shawn Haywood, Founder & Master Coach

"There is nothing I am more proud of in this life than the relationship Chris and I have created."


Dr. Haywood

Helping Couples Thrive:

From Business to the Bedroom!

Over the last 21 years, Shawn has guided and helped nurture the lives, relationships, and businesses of many powerful individuals and couples. 


She helps her clients birth healthy, deeply vulnerable, connected, loving, and relationships while learning to create strong boundaries, communicate kindly and bravely, and at the same time- build profitable businesses together or in support of one another.


Shawn has been seen speaking to organizations and leaders at companies like UPS and Coke, connection groups like GWBC and eWomen, and featured on television networks such as CBS, and NBC, and countless podcasts, like 'The Heidi Rew Show' and  'In Your Pants'.


Although Shawn's career has been full of many outstanding triumphs, what fills her with the utmost gratitude is her clients:  


“Nothing makes me more excited, often to the point of tears, as when I see a client have a big breakthrough and share a success story that has changed their life, unified a troubled marriage, or multiply her income.” 

Shawn & Chris Adventuring Together...

"We lived, loved, played, and worked from the road for 4 years! Then settled in Asheville NC spring of 2017. And... back to nomadic living in Spring 2019...

Life is but a dream..."

Shawn spends her time speaking around the country, writing and working with her amazing clients through private coaching, workshops, trainings and retreats.

(Shawn) is the one who coaches, writes books, developments programs, trainings, workshops and retreats. While Chris (her gorgeous and near perfect husband) makes sure everything works!

From our 28 foot Airstream International, (which we travel in part time currently) to every bit of technology required to run their businesses - which there is a shocking amount of. Chris handles it all with ease, expertise and dedication- not to mention he owns and operates his own business, The Audio Nomad!


Chris and Shawn lead a life of paradoxes! Deep spiritual seeking devotes + adventure seeking pirates + the occasional tequila or bourbon cocktail!.  


They totally geek out together each morning for an hour or two listening to audio books or reading books by authors like, David Hawkins (OUR favorite author) Eckhart Tolle, Brene' Brown, Paulo Coelho, Gary Kelly, Tim Ferris, or Marrianne Williamson. Then its on to meditation and fitness (Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, Hiking or Rock Climbing - usually a combination). And then on with a beautiful work day! They are truly devoted to walking their talk and teaching from a place of deep practice and dedication.


Thankfully, things like arguing, blaming and conflict have vanished from their lives. This is great because it leaves so much extra time and energy for fun, love, interesting conversation and adventure!  The truth is, they don't want any kind of crappy drama in their kick ass marriage, businesses, or lives.


'We love having fun and solving problems with our big brains, not creating big drama!"

And then there are their furry children!

"We super duper dig on our little terd dogs!  We are madly in love with Little Girl (yes, that is her name!) and Squirt!  Aren't they the CUTEST girls you've ever seen?  If you hire me as your coach, you'll likely hear them in the background from time to time letting out a lil' bark!

There are a hundred other details to brag about, I mean, bore you with, I mean share! But suffice to say, The Haywoods are truly happy, appreciative humans, and damn proud of the relationship, businesses, and life they've created together.

It would be an honor to help you hatch your most favorite life and love too!  

Complete an application to work with Shawn- we will respond within 48 yours!


Cheers to beautiful, adventurous living and truly great relationships!

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