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 who is longing for deep healing, renewed trust, a calm mind, and happiness for herself and her marriage after an AFFAIR.
Here’s a special message for you. Hugs,


To the beautiful soul

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Being deeply CONNECTED with your husband means:

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Lady Business Owners

If you are a lady business owner who wants to go from feeling overwhelmed by the day ahead, to so inspired by life that you leap out of bed every single morning...

click below for personal happiness

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It is my mission is to help women - just like you - to heal their hearts and minds, and create the life & marriage of their dreams.

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You can talk about anything, anywhere, anytime without it turning into a fight (MOST of the time!)-- like spending habits and financial decisions, sex stuff (perhaps you have lower sexual desire & your sweetie is in a rut of feeling rejected), parenting views, in laws, home care, eating and health habits, and work.

You never fear being ignored, belittled, criticized, or dismissed- and instead you feel totally supported, loved, validated and cherished.

You give and receive support and care freely, devoid of resentment, disappointment, frustration and upset (MOST of the time!)

You both feel fantastic and on the same team and make decisions based on what is best for your marriage and family, not because one person fights until they get their way or break the other down...

You LOVE dreaming and scheming for hours together about future plans, ideas, travel and other adventures- and it's totally passionate and energizing!

Being DISCONNECTED from your husband means:

You're beginning to feel like room mates, or like your marriage 'fell asleep", you're barely having sex- and maybe even wondering if you're still in love...

You are living somewhat separate lives, feeling far-away from one another- and talking only about the 'business of life" instead of joyfully digging into fun, juicy, deep, awesome fun and discussions together.

Bickering or fighting about things like parenting, money, sex, health, in laws, and who does what at home seems to be gaining traction instead of gaining closeness and care together.

You're relying more and more on friends or family to fill the connection void that used to be handled by your husband

AND... You feel like sexual and conversational intimacy is a thing of the past- yet wishing so badly for your sexual desire and great conversation to come back to life...

Are you tired of struggling? 

Feeling like you and your sweetie are drifting farther and father apart?


Fighting over the same darn things, week after week and month after month

Feeling like you're constantly walking on eggshells

Not feeling like having sex (even if you're still so in love with your partner)

Fortunately, there is another pathway for repairing your marriage, no matter what the  current situation or circumstances.

It's called Reimagine Love. It is a proven system that has helped hundreds of couples reclaim trust, care, love, intimacy and of course, DEEP, JOYFUL CONNECTION, in their marriage. 

It is a transformational, step-by-step relationship-changing program that teaches you to dissolve and then eliminate your problems. While you implement a program of positive relationship practices that change the way you and your spouse relate, connect, and share your life together. 


These changes will “STOP” the pain and suffering in your relationship and not only restore the connection and closeness, you and your spouse once had, but dramatically improve it.


And the best news?


You don’t have to talk about the past, hash out your problems, or lament over old issues. This is not marriage counseling; it’s a powerful pathway to Reimagine Love!


I help couples learn to COMMUNICATE about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING without arguing, to grow UNWAVERING trust, create a FIGHT-FREE relationship, BUILD a totally MIND BLOWING sex life, get on the SAME page in all facets of life, HEAL & THRIVE from life-altering or traumatic events, (like an affair, infertility, and/or miscarriage) and ULTIMATELY become BULLET-PROOF together!

You might be feeling afraid or frustrated with your relationship or your sweetie right now... BUT, your relationship CAN become powerful, vulnerable, wildly inspiring, amazingly collaborative, super fun, and emotionally 'profitable'.

Are you up for creating that?

Schedule A Relationship Breakthrough Session With Dr. Haywood To See If Private Coaching Is Right For You -->



Usually, women hire me first (Oh, hi! I'm Shawn). AND it works just perfectly! Eventually (usually in 30-90 days), husbands or partners come along for the joyful ride! By this time you have implemented SUCH powerful tools and have see your relationship grow in imaginable ways, that your husband is like, "Wait for me!!!! I want in too!!!" And then we invite him to the party.


Your relationship might be some version of 'ok, functional, good in some areas, frustrating at times, lonely, confusing, annoying other times, or just plain crappy sometimes... Maybe even headed toward a breakup.


You may feel like you work your a** off, trying so very hard (maybe you're even trying hard for the both of you), and long for a day where you could be completely aligned, on the same page, and moving toward goals in powerfully unified ways - be it in life, love, family or career. 

Sounding familiar?

Are you interested in a BULLET-PROOF MARRIAGE?

I'd love to help! 


Click below to schedule your complimentary breakthrough call to see if we have program that is right for you!

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EACH one of your challenges CAN be turned around if you are WILLING to do the work!  I promise. I speak from deep-hearted experience. I have made just about every relationship mistake and co-created every relationship problem in the book!


Now, I have the kind of relationship I didn't even know I could dream of! And have helped hundreds of couples over 20 years claim their most amazing relationships too! 


Your Relationship Should Be MORE Than

You Hoped, ​NOT Less.

To whatever degree your marriage might be struggling, things CAN be turned around.


And YOU can be the Kickstarter!

Whether you're looking to solve major problems, get on the same page, or find out if you are even in love with your partner anymore (scary, I know), you're in GREAT hands here to accomplish the following:

  • Learn to COMMUNICATE about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING without arguing

  • Grow UNWAVERING trust

  • Create a FIGHT-FREE relationship

  • Get on the SAME page about in all facets of life

  • Become BULLET-PROOF together!

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"Shawn is simply brilliant. Within 5 minutes of being on the call, my husband said, "Man she knows her stuff, glad we are here!”.  We learned how to come together behind a unified vision and to follow something better in our relationship then, “he’s right/she’s right”.  Shawn’s work is nothing short of a necessity for all couples.  I know that I’m trying to get every couple I know into her classes.  This material should be mandatory.  It’s way better than couples therapy or retreats because it goes under the surface into principles that really work."

– Monica Shah, Founder of  Revenue Breakthrough, Business Coach

"Since working with Shawn I have re-invented my life and relationship to be just what I want! Shawn has literally changed my life for the better in so many ways.  She came to me when I was literally crumbling and has helped me to find peace and happiness that I didn’t know was available.”

– Kate Edwards, Author, Founder Precision Performance

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