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5 Crucial Tools You Need To Renew Trust, Re-Connect, Stop Fighting, AND Build Fresh Happiness!

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What you will learn in this training:

Learn the TOP 3 MISTAKES that every couple makes that actually leads them more rapidly to divorce and how to STOP; then replace these mistakes with tools that make your marriage (relationship) great!

Leann 1 POWERFUL habit that can literally change the entire dynamic of your relationship in loving, encouraging, and connecting ways- and put it into practice TODAY.

Learn the importance of RECLAIMING yourself and your confidence in your marriage, and how this is such a TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE AGENT  for YOUR relationship.

Understand 3 KEY SECRETS to remove poor, strained or frustrating communication, so that you and your partner can talk about anything, anywhere, anytime WITHOUT all the drama!

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”We had already filed for divorce when we began Dr. Haywood’s course. Ultimately, we did not see the divorce through- thank goodness! We had grown so tired of the struggle, the fighting, the not feeling heard or understood, not being on the same page- and done with the hurt and pain we were causing each other. We still had love, but had run out of hope...

But, we decided to try one time… And to our complete surprise and unbelievable joy, we were able to turn things around --in a BIG way. At each step, it became clear that divorse was not what either of us wanted. 

In such a short time, we learned to actually listen, truly listen and hear one another with calmness and love, without getting TRIGGERED. We now actually solve problems AS THEY COME UP- without fighting! In the end, we learned and applied multiple life and marriage changing tools! "


-Michelle Cassel

Do You Wish You Could Solve Your Relationship Problems Quickly & Permanently? 

Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and start taking the RIGHT actions to SOLVE the problems in your marriage and make it thrive for a LIFETIME?


And, would it be so great to actually be and feel deeply connected? To trust completely? To play and joke and rekindle some passion?


Like when you were first falling in love...


YES! You are not alone!


Figuring out how to have a truly great and thriving relationship can be a bear!

Figuring out the best approach for your relationship with all the noise and contradicting information can seem nearly impossible!


If you want to learn how to communicate without all the conflict, do things that actually work, and stop the frustration and resentment, then I want to invite you to check out my FREE, 5 Day Kick Start To Fix Your Marriage and Make It Thrive!


This video series is filled with valuable, proven, real-deal information, from 21+ years of proven relationship success with hundreds of couples who are learning to COMMUNICATE deeply & effectively, talk about ANYTHING without conflict, get CONNECTED, and build an unbreakable LIFE together!


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5 Day Kick Start To Fix Your Marriage & Make It Bullet-Proof

Check out a few of our clients amazing RESULTS!

-Parker Wallace, On-Air Host/Producer, Business Maven

"Learning to speak my heart, ask clearly for what I want and need, and love my partner in ways that make him want to do absolutely anything for me- including be vulnerable, playful- has totally changed everything!" -

- Monica Shah, Founder of  Revenue Breakthrough, Business Coach

"Shawn is simply brilliant.  Within 5 minutes of being on our call, my husband said, 'Man she knows her stuff, glad we are here!'.  We learned how to come together behind a unified vision and to follow something better in our relationship then, “he’s right/she’s right”.  Shawn’s work is nothing short of a necessity for all couples.  I know that I’m trying to get every couple I know into her classes.  This material should be mandatory.  It’s way better than couples therapy or retreats because it goes under the surface into principles that really work." 

 - Alexis Underwood, GA Pacific Executive, Loren Simmons, Sustainability Expert

"Loren and I have been together for 11 years, we've changed A LOT over time. We knew we were falling into unhealthy patterns. But didn't know what to do about it for many years. We hoped there was a better way, a way with less friction and more happiness, but we couldn't find it on our own. 


Transformation is a BIG word. But it is the best description for the couples retreat with Shawn. I can honestly say that we have never grown so much, and in just two days.  Our marriage has taken a major quantum leap forward.  After the retreat, the positive transformation has continued in ways we hadn't dared hope.


In the month following the retreat, we had 5 of the best-ever days together. Just ordinary days by most standard, but so amazing, loving and peaceful. We are feeling SO in love and positive for the future.  The tools Shawn taught us keep propelling us forward and keep us deeply connected to each other. And now, several months later, everything continues to improve at a beautiful, steady pace. 


Shawn gave us the best present anyone could ever ask for - a stronger relationship with the person I've chosen as my partner for this crazy roller coaster called life".​

Shawn Haywood, PhD, 

Dr. Haywood has been working with couples to reclaim, rehab, or reboot their relationship for over 20 years- with hundreds of success stories!

See you at the training!