Trainings & Retreats

Reimagine Love, Private Relationship Retreat:


An Extraordinary Couple's Retreat Experience For Individual Couples


Healing, growing, deeply connecting, transforming, fun & playful - This retreat will rock your relationship sox off- it is the equivalent to several years of marriage counseling or coaching all on one delicious 2 or 3 day event.

Reimagine Love Group Couples Retreat:


An Extraordinary and intimate Couple's Retreat Experience For Just 10 Couples

October 2020 - Location: Beautiful Colorado! 


This is an extraordinary 4 day, 5-night event for 6 lucky couples. This retreat occurs ONLY 1 time in 2020.  It is a sell-out event, so inquire ASAP!

Reimagine love, 9-week master class :

Whether you are single, in a relationship, or 'it's complicated'- This program will give you every tool you need, and the confidence you want to create a connected, peaceful, adventurous, passionate, loving, and emotionally safe relationship!


 Here is a small sample of what you will learn:

  • To COMMUNICATE about ANYTHING without arguing

  • To GROW deep trust & connection


  • TO become unbreakable together!

  • AND SO much more!

Liberated Living Sisterhood Retreat:
This is an extraordinary 4 day event for 15 lucky women that happens only 1 time each year. It is a sell-out event, so register now!

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Get Your:

FREE 5-DAY Kick Start: 

To Fix Your Marriage & Make It Bullet-Proof!


What you'll learn in this FREE video series:


  • Learn the TOP 3 MISTAKES that every couple makes that actually leads them more rapidly to divorce and how to STOP, and replace these mistakes with tools that actually make your marriage great!


  • Uncover 1 POWERFUL relationship changing a habit that can literally shift the entire dynamic of your relationship- and put it into practice NOW


  • Learn the importance of RECLAIMING yourself in your marriage, and how this is such a POWERFUL CHANGE agent for relationships.


  • Understand 3 KEY SECRETS to remove poor, strained, or frustrating communication, so that you and your partner can talk about anything, anywhere, anytime WITHOUT all the drama!

Isn't it time to stop spinning your wheels and start taking actions that ACTUALLY have the power to Fix Your Marriage and Make It Thrive for a LIFETIME!


This FREE video series is filled with valuable, proven, real-deal information, from 20 years of proven relationship success with hundreds of couples who are learning to COMMUNICATE deeply & effectively, talk about ANYTHING without arguing, get CONNECTED, and build an unbreakable LIFE together!


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