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reroute your relationship

Helping you move past chronic friction in your marriage to reclaim that deep sense of connection you are craving!

Get crystal clear on exactly where to focus your energy and efforts to reroute your relationship away from divorce and towards a marriage where you feel seen, heard and completely connected with your partner.

hey beauty!

Let me hazard a guess… you are a badass, go-getter who has excelled at nearly everything you put your mind to -

❤︎ The one who worked her way to top grades in any class

❤︎ The captain of her basketball team
❤︎ The leader of the top sales team in your company
❤︎ The creator of a successful business that your friends rave about

No matter what challenges have come your way, you can expertly craft a plan and make things work in your favor.

But when it comes to your marriage...

it seems like the harder you try, the more frustrated you become...

can you relate?

Have you ever had a day with your hubby that looked anything like this?

You walk into the kitchen in the morning and there are food scraps in the drain – and your head swirls with a tally of all of the things he keeps “forgetting to do”

► You come home late, dinner has not been made (or even prepped)  and your partner is sitting in front of the television –  and you feel anger and resentment building… 

► But the final straw happens when you get deep into telling him about an exciting new opportunity at work only to realize he is fully immersed in YouTube shorts or a video game

Which ultimately leads to some combination of yelling, stomping off, blaming or shaming your husband <blush>

So you double down on your efforts so you can feel seen and heard AND connected with your partner -

 Picking up your favorite Brene book hoping to absorb some magical self-help wisdom

❥ Offering up extra words of affirmation to your hubby hoping he will offer the same in return

 Doing extra chores around the house in hopes of hearing him speak even a few words of appreciation


Planning the most thoughtful date night hoping that time away from the house will persuade him to stay off his phone and engage in a real conversation with you

But each attempt only leads you to more of the same cycle -

and leaves you wondering what in the heck you need to do to feel seen and heard AND connected with your husband.

You keep a smile on your beautiful face but... 

on the inside -- you feel like your relationship is slipping between your fingers.

Your eyes start to sting and your heart sinks as you wonder to yourself “are we even compatible anymore?”

And as time passes, you start to feel more and more like you and your husband are roommates.


Your marriage has lost its spark.


The thought of divorce or breakup becomes less fleeting and your heart breaks as you imagine a life without your love.

Have you ever felt that way?

You are soooo not alone and you are in the right place ❤︎ 

So many women have been in your shoes and I want you to know that it is entirely possible to transform your relationship into something even better than you can possibly imagine.


But something needs to change and I am here to show you exactly where to start! 

Dr. Shawn Haywood
Dr. Shawn Haywood
Dr. Shawn Haywood
Dr. Shawn Haywood

hi there!

I’m Dr. Shawn Haywood – 

I am so thrilled you stopped by – you courageous, perfect, powerhouse you!

I am a classically trained therapist and coach who loves to work with women – just like you – to help them create the life and relationship of their dreams.

I live and travel full time with my darling husband, Chris, and our two adorable chihuahuas – Squirt and Squishy.

I absolutely adore the life we have created together – one filled with unconditional love and profound connection.

But things weren’t always rainbows and butterflies…

Early in our relationship I was well practiced at firing what I call emotional weapons at Chris 

And he in turn would react by drawing his own emotional weapons – 

A dynamic that kept us in a cycle of disconnect that led to A LOT of frustration


and the consideration of divorce...

BUT together, we committed to the deep work necessary to completely eliminate conflict in our marriage. (Yes! It’s true!)

And guess what, that same sense of complete peace and connection is available to you too!

In ALL of your relationships. Hooray!

I have been where you are and I have helped thousands of women just like you move from the cycle of disconnect to one of unbreakable love and connection.

Understanding these emotional weapons has completely transformed my relationships (at home and work) and the relationships of thousands of other women.

This information is so incredibly valuable that I am thrilled to give it to you so that you too can get started on creating a life and marriage filled with the deep and sustained connection you are craving.


I hope you enjoy and please know that I am here to support you if you need it!

Cheers to creating the life you desire and deserve!

I see you still scrolling...

Make sure you grab your free download so that you can get started on identifying the emotional weapons that are keeping YOU from a connected relationship.

The Secret to Your Disconnect: How to Identify Your Top Emotional Weapons

Whether you are looking to bulletproof your marriage or reroute your relationship - everything you desire is 100% possible for you. You are not alone and I can help!

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