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Women, Raise Your SEX DRIVE Now!

You've likely already tried soooo many things to raise your sex-drive... every position, sex-therapists, regular therapy, books, podcasts, supplements, worked on balancing your hormones... 

If this sounds like YOU, and you've been feeling defeated, broken, or frustrated- Then you are going to LOVE this training!


I'm going to show you 3 Simple Shifts You Can Make RIGHT NOW To Reclaim Your Sex Drive And Heal Your Sexual Relationship (with yourself and your sweetie) For A LIFETIME!

What You'll Learn In This Transformational, FREE Live Training:

Uncover the REAL reason why women's sex drive is LOW to NON-EXISTENT, and PROMPTLY turn it around once and for all!

Get rid of sex-related frustration and guilt, and leave this training feeling EMPOWERED TO MAKE THE 3 SHIFTS! 

QUICKLY stop feeling frustrated, alone, and sexually disconnected from your partner, and instead begin enjoying the sexual relationship you and your darling DREAM of sharing.


RESOLVE your concerns about whether you are falling (or have fallen) out of love with your husband, or are no longer find him attractive.


Leave this training with a CLEAR PATH FORWARD to raising your sex drive PERMANENTLY, and to create a sexual relationship that COMPLETELY fulfills BOTH (you and your partner) of your needs and wants.


Learn 3 simple shifts you can make NOW to RECLAIM your sex drive! 

Young Couple

After just 3 years of marriage, we found ourselves heading for a divorce. I thought I was falling out of love, even though I loved my husband deeply because I no longer felt like having sex with him. I was heartbroken and didn't know what to do... Thankfully we found this life-changing training. After just a few weeks of applying what we learned, my sexual desire started to come back, bit by bit! I honestly had given up hope- but am so thankful I didn't give up. So many tears of relief and joy have poured out. Knowing that I am not broken has changed everything for me and us! Thanks, Dr. Haywood." Carry W.


Meet Your host! Shawn Haywood, PhD.

Dr. Haywood has been working with couples to reclaim, rehab, heal or reboot their sexuality & relationship for over 21 years- with hundreds of success stories!

Raving Fans! 

Jenny --"After this training, I found out that I WASN'T broken, and was finally able to enjoy my sex life again after over 10 years of feeling shame and guilt"

Melissa --"I found out that I was still in love with my husband, and the sexual desire was just hidden and I didn't know how to access it."

Candice --"Everything for me and my marriage changed after this training, I was able to understand my sexual desire completely differently and completely change it and my relationship with my husband."