Are you SO tired of the frustration and heart-ache that accompanies low to no sexual desire as a woman, and its impact on your relationship?

You are soooo not alone. 85% of women struggle with low to no sexual desire in their relationship - EVEN IF...
  • You still love your partner
  • You get along fairly well and have fun together
  • You find your partner attractive
Interestingly, the issues related to low sexual feminine desire, are essentially the same regardless of the quality of your relationship! Whether you would classify your relationship as poor or fabulous- you can still have low sexual desire...
BUT, if you'd like to reclaim your sexual desire, shift and heal this piece of your relationship, and in a fairly short amount of time, I have got a great plan for you!

Reimagine Your Sexual Relationship! (And Do It Together!)

Reclaim your sexual desire, and grow intimacy and communication, so you and your sweetie can have a stress free, joy-filled sexual relationship and beyond!

Your Step-by-Step System to Reclaim, Reboot, and Restore Your Sexual Desire and Relationship PERMANENTLY.


  • Being able to get your MIND and EMOTIONS to a place where you WANT to have sex on demand.

  • FULLY and PERMANENTLY RECLAIM your sexual desire.\\

  • Know how to STAY in tune if your desire changes or shifts in the future as to not lose stride with it!

  • Release all the feelings of pressure, stress, or only wanting to have sex "for him" or because you "love him"- INSTEAD, have joyful, pleasurable, inspired sex and intimacy for YOUR OWN SAKE AND DESIRE.

  • LET GO OF all the pain, frustration, and upset around sexuality... especially feelings of brokenness and feeling abnormal.

  • Have ABSOLUTELY any conversation about sex and sexuality- WITHOUT FEAR & WITHOUT FIGHTING.

  • Get on the same page about not only sexuality, but other crucial pieces of your relationship, and begin ACCEPTING each other and coming to EFFECTIVE AND PEACEFUL solutions, even when you do not align or agree!

  • Have a clear, step-by-step plan of action moving forward to heal and overcome the problems that have been plaguing your relationship (possibly for many years) in simplistic ways so that you can become BULLET-PROOF together!

Sound too good to be true?

That's truly what I used to think- And so did my clients!



You and your partner can COME TOGETHER as a unified team when you understand all the ins and outs of how low to no sexual desire came to be, to remove the roadblocks, AND... get a tried and true step-by-step plan to completely change the way you and your partner "do" sex and sexuality (and communicate) in your relationship.

My Story...

Soon after Chris and I were married, my sexual desire took a hard, and heart-crushing nose dive. It was shocking and very painful. It felt like that part of me simply died. 


I literally thought I was broken. For a time, I continued to have sex with Chris anyway, because that is what I thought a ‘good wife’ should do, or because I loved him, I wanted to have sex for him... and then I began to turn him down a little... and then a lot... Saying no to him always horrible and continuously felt guilt-ridden.


Honestly, it made no sense at all- I still felt drawn to Chris, I thought he was gorgeous, smart, amazing and we had so much fun, play, depth, and adventure together! I adored him completely and he adored me as well.


With all of the good we shared, I felt even more shame, guilt, powerlessness, and anger. I even began to feel resentful when Chris would ask about having sex with me. Chris on the other hand, felt rejected and powerless, which of course only triggered more guilt and shame.


It even came to the point where I was afraid to be affectionate with Chris for fear of leading him on- we were feeling so disconnected and far away from one another. 


It was a big sad and lonely mess...

We were at a complete loss and had no idea where to turn. Traditional therapy and sex therapy did absolutely nothing to help us (which I now know to be very common). We read books, listened to podcasts, bought toys…  yet still no change or only for a brief moment.


I looked for any possibility as a valid reason that my sex desire dropped off so sharply- I thought it was hormones, so I consulted with medical experts, had thousands of dollars of labs done- took hundreds of dollars of supplements and meds- to no avail.


Then I thought, maybe it was because of the autoimmune disease I had (which by the way was in full remission!)- so I consulted with more expensive experts, more labs, more supplements, and meds...


Maybe it was age (though I was only 35 when it all started to crash. I thought, “well, we've had a good run, and perhaps no one could have it all, and I thought that perhaps a hot sex life wasn’t sustainable,


And then, worst of all…


I began to think that maybe, just maybe, I “loved Chris, but was no longer "in love" with Chris, nor attracted to him anymore.” A horrifying potential reality...


I got to a point where I had resigned myself to the fact that I was broken and maybe Chris would be better off finding another wife who was more sexual.



My stomach was in knots all the time about all this “sex” stuff. And even though Chris never pressured me in over-bearing ways and always tried to be understanding, I felt pressured all the time.

But then, after nearly 8 years of painful struggling, we landed on a combination of solutions that worked... permanently!


We decided that this piece of our marriage WAS SOLVABLE. And we would not stop until we found solutions. 


So… we turned our marriage and my sexual desire into an experiment that we would not fail. After all, I had already been a successful relationship coach for over a decade and worked with couples to permanently solve issues that most think are unsolvable! So, why should this be different?


We began digging high and low-  and researching all things related to sex, intimacy, and desire- with a strong focus on feminine sexual desire. And we left NO stone unturned!


And holy cow did it pay off!


As we began figuring out solutions that worked PERMANENTLY to raise and sustain my sexual desire, and heal our hearts of all the years of pain-- tears of joy, relief, and FRESH empowerment poured out of us. And while Chris and I previously had a kick-ass relationship, we were FINALLY able to build a kick-ass sexual relationship to match.


NOW, we make love with no pressure, stress, worry, anxiety, or fear; and with more joy and passion than we knew possible! And… well, let me just say, each experience is more amazing and loving than the last...


Reclaiming my sexual desire and my sexual goddess within is by far one of the most rewarding things of my entire life.

What if you can reclaim your sexual desire (even if you think you have tried everything (like myself, and SO many of my clients)?



"My husband and I used to bicker about sex all the time. He would accuse me of not loving him- he couldn't understand how I could love him and not want to have sex with him. It was terrible. No matter how many times and ways I tried to explain, he always felt rejected and hurt and I felt completely powerless. 

UNTIL we found this program. Dr. Haywood teaches in ways that make it so easy to understand. After our very first week, my husband came to me in tears, apologizing for not believing me and for making me feel so guilty. We hugged and cried and began healing... together." Danielle K.


No matter where your relationship is…

No matter how frustrated you might currently feel…

If you are already on divorce's door...

If you've given up hope on your sexual desire...

OR, you're just looking for a fresh set of tools to take your sexual desire and relationship to the next level...

I want you to know this…


Unlock the feminine sexual desire you thought might be gone forever, while simultaneously creating a profound physical and emotional connection with your husband (or partner!).

Your Step-by-Step System to Reclaim, Reboot and Restore Your Sexual Desire PERMANENTLY.

6 Transformational Weeks 

”We believed that our sex life was a thing of the past. I was distraut and felt terribly guilty. And felt like all I did was reject my husband- the person I love the most.

We tried traditional sex therapy, and things actually got worse. I felt even more pressure to 'feel sexual' simply because our therapist said that the techniques she gave us "SHOULD" be working!

I was very skeptical to try something else and even more afraid to get my hopes up. BUT... this program was unlike anything we had ever learned about feminine sexual desire. I knew that some parts were going to be a little "science-y", which sounded boring -haha! But it turned out to be incredible and completely changed our entire relationship.

I think I cried (tears of joy) for the first 3 months while we made love- simply because I felt so thankful that I wanted to be there, making love to Kevin, and being so present."

- Marsha (and her husband Kevin)

Reimagine Your Sexual Relationship Together!

heart sucker.jpeg

This is a unique, one of a kind program that includes modules for each partner and for the relationship. This way you learn how to apply all the tools individually and together! 

heart window.jpg

Discover specifically what a successful sexual relationship looks like for you and for your partner- what it includes and what it excludes. Then develop a direct path to get there.

heart paper plane.jpeg

Learn how to make any desired change you want (big or small), and make it sustainable so that the changes and shifts you and your sweetie invest time in, can STICK - PERMANENTLY!


Module 1.

The Science Of Sexual Desire (I promise this nerdy part is NOT boring)

  • Understand how men and women are made up differently sexually... besides the obvious and how each has a dominant desire style (Which almost no one knows about) and how to access the feminine desire style! 

  • Learn the 3 ways that women's sexual desire has been lowered & how to reverse these issues.

  • How to use nerdy science to reimage your sexuality and your sexual relationship to make it work perfectly for EACH OF YOU and your relationship.

Module 2.

You ARE normal: And I Will Prove It!

  • Learn why you are perfectly normal right now but have gravely misunderstood how your unique sexuality works and how to embrace where you are and reclaim your sexual arousal and desire.

  • Understand how your sexuality has been slowed or turned off, and the steps to turn it back on in beautiful and exciting new ways.

  • Solve the question of "maybe I love my husband, but am no longer in love with him" and the serious misconception that looms over this idea when sexual desire wanes.

Module 3.

Your Body & Environment Has Dictated Your Current Sexual Desire

  • Learn what your personal and unique desire 'brakes pedals' are, and how to turn them off and keep them off (PS, the more you live with your brakes on, the more you live without desire...)

  • AND... then, learn what your personal gas pedals are, in and out of the bedroom, and how to turn your desire and arousal 'gas pedals' ON!

  • Learn to specifically build the perfect environment for your body and relationships to step into the sexual Goddess YOU want to be (not whom you are "supposed" to be)!

Module 4.

The Emotional Side Of Women's Sexuality

  • Learn specific strategies to down the stressors that get in the way of your sexual desire (this is imperative to desire!)

  • Understand the role Emotional Weapons play as sexual desire road-blocks, and how to lay them down permanently to build trust, love, and compassion with yourself and your partner.

  • Heal and overcome the painful emotions each of you has been experiencing and struggling with related to the months, years or even decades of sexual struggle and perceived rejection.

Module 5.

Building Sexual Communication

  • Learn guided communication skills with specific topics that allow you to baby-step your way through this very vulnerable subject, so you and your partner can talk about anything sex and intimacy-related in a loving, calm, and emotionally safe way.

  • You will learn a simple bite-sized, step-by-step plan to communicate with complete trust, vulnerability, and emotional safety... together!

  • Uncover the extraordinary myths that have been blocking your sexual desire and communication..

Module 6.

The Orgasm + A Lifetime Of Amazing Sex!

  • Understand orgasms, and how to shift, change,  extend, or just begin having them!

  • Learn about all the ways to have an orgasm (even if you've never had one) and other tips for heightening sexual pleasure.

  • Receive a step-by-step plan to support you after your 6-week course concludes so you can keep learning, growing, communicating, and taking your ENTIER relationship TO ANY LEVEL YOU CAN ENVISION!

BONUS Modules 



These 2 bonus classes are fantastic and designed by you. Each week, I take a poll to see what everyone wants to dig deeper into and then designed these classes and add them on at the end of the course as further support! This is a fantastic way to close this powerful 6-week course (which actually ends up being 7 weeks with the added classes on week 7). 

$500 VALUE! 

I took the same system I teach my private clients during their customized retreats and individual coaching – who have made major breakthroughs in their relationships – and turned it into a 6-WEEK course to help you and your partner set a course for success!


  • 6 Weeks of Live Training Via Zoom: each week builds upon the next to guide you and your partner toward success. $1500 value

  • 1 Individual Problem-Solving Sessions Per EACH Partner to ensure you ELIMINATE the key relationship problems for each partner + pre-session planning templates. $600 value

  • Step-By-Step Worksheets & Checklists: to guide you each step of the way. We know your time is limited. We know you don’t want to spend time doing anything you’re not supposed to be doing. That’s what tried-and-true checklists are for, to keep you on track. $300 value

  • Weekly Q&A Calls with Dr. Haywood: here you will bring your questions and receive specific one on one caching for any area of need between you and your sweetie. $1500 value

  • 2 Bonus Modules: These 2 modules are created during our 6 weeks together and are crowd-sourced - this way they are EXACTLY what you need them to be for you to get the most out of this course! $500 value

  • Lifetime Access To The Course: as the course evolves over time, you will always have access to the latest material- Beyond Valuable! New material added and updated monthly!

I PROMISE, anything is possible. I have seen more relationship magic & miracles then you can possibly imagine!


Unlimited email coaching with our team so that you can move through the 6-week course and get ALL your questions answered so that you can solve your key relationship problems efficiently. $1000 Value: For the first 10 sign-ups ONLY!


1 Zoom Couples Session: This is designed to address your specific challenges as a couple- so much deep understanding and the ability to get on the same page comes out of this session so that you and your partner are armed with a plan that is specific to you and your unique challenges    $400 value


Lay Down Your Emotional Weapons Master Communication Video Course

$500 Value

This course is SERIOUSLY AMAZING! and will help you remove as much CONFLICT as you are willing to part with!


50 Fresh Dates Checklist: as the years build-up, it can become difficult to keep dating your spouse  to bring fresh connection time for you and your sweetie:

$49 Value




Reimagine Your Sexual Desire (Together)!



$2200 (per couple) After January 29, Midnight

Early bird: $1600 Until Midnight, January 29- YOU SAVE $600

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I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in this training. SO I’m giving you a 7-day period to receive a refund from the date of your first class. If for some reason this training doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll send you a questionnaire to prove that you attended the classes and will require a detailed, written reason why the training didn't meet your expectations. Assuming you answer the questions by the end of day, of day 7 of  your start date, you have my word, we will refund you in full!


Couple in a Kitchen
Happy Couple
Healthy Couple
Happy Couple
Happy Couple
Happy Couple

Wendy --"Everything changed for us after this training. No more pressure, awkwardness, or avoidance- we were just able to be together, talk openly, and heal the many years of what had previously been termed as 'female sexual dysfunction."

Jenny --"After this training, I found out that I WASN'T broken, and learned to finally be able to enjoy my sex life again after over 10 years of feeling shame and guilt."

Melissa --"I found out that I was still in love with my husband, and that my sexual desire was just hidden and I didn't know how to access it. I feel freer than I have in more years than I care to count."

Candice --"Everything for me and my marriage changed after this training, I was able to understand my sexual desire completely differently and completely change it and my relationship with my husband."

Judith --"Holy wow! I didn't even know how much stress and anxiety I had around my sexuality until it was gone. I feel a level of relief and peace that the word gratitude doesn't begin to cover."

Mark --"So thankful to have my wife back- not just sexually (which is, of course, amazing), but this happy and courageous version of her has made me a better man."


  • To RECLAIM your sexual desire in the ways that HONOR YOU, THEN collaborate with your sweetie to co-create the most fabulous sexual relationship you can imagine!?
  • Be FREE of all the difficult and painful feelings you and your husband have been experiencing due to low to no sexual desire?
  • Grow UNWAVERING trust, connection, and emotional safety together, so that you feel like you belong together in EVERY way?

Cheers to you my friends. Good luck in all of your endeavors. Be happy. Love with all of your heart- even when you don't feel like it!

Dr. Shawn Haywood