Transform Yourself & Your Relationship To Create Extraordinary Love



  • You feel alone in your relationship (the worst kind of lonely)

  • You aren't getting a lot of what you want & need- thus distance seems to be growing between you

  • You get irritated easily at one another about the smallest things & it's happening more & more

  • You aren't making one another a priority- thus feelings of disconnection, chaos & frustration are mounting

  • Intimacy feels forced (when it does happen) & it doesn't happen often enough (or barely at all anymore) Both of you are struggling with this- one feels guilty, the other feels rejected 

  • You find yourself going outside your relationship to get advice, companionship & connection from friends or family about things you used to talk to your partner about 

  • You feel like your partner just doesn't like to be with you (or you don't like to be with him/her) & feel you may be losing your reasons for connection or for being together

You Can SHIFT Your Relationship

From lonely, anxious, or disconnected, to deeply connected passionate friends!

From overwhelmed, over-committed & irritated, to playful, peaceful & joyful!

From feeling like room-mates, to deep intimacy, adventure & clear communication.

Maybe your love life seems to be going flat, furious or frenzied– and you’re just not sure what to do.

Or maybe you’ve felt alone, rejected, angry or irritated at 'him' or one another for far too long, and you're becoming frightened for your marriage or relationship..

Perhaps you’ve even read several self-improvement books, been to couples therapy, or tried other programs.

And you’ve gotten some mindset support – but it lacked sharing the crystal clear steps on how to create a truly GREAT & SUSTAINABLE relationship.

Your Host,

Shawn Haywood & Her Husband Chris

No matter which category you fit into…

No matter how bad the situation might currently be…

I want you to know this…


And it has nothing to do with the latest tricks, gimmicks, or podcasts or Facebook posts, or even traditional therapy.

Believe it or not – it isn't even complicated.

There are 6 key skills that you need that will help you THRIVE with happiness, meaning and contentment in your life and relationship CONSISTENTLY.

And once you discover them – life and love is a lot easier.


  • Feeling deeply connected to and supported by your partner consistently.

  • No more bickering, arguing, or upset about the same 10-15 things you fight about on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Having inspiring & powerful conversations about your hopes & dreams, careers, financials, fears & challenges - WITHOUT FEAR or UPSET.

  • All the courage, confidence and know-how to build a completely rock solid, inspiriting juicy relationship together.

  • Being able to say “no”, speak your mind and heart, share vulnerably and intimately, and know that your partner will be emotionally safe and reciprocal!

  • Having the internal empowerment and freedom to create, and step fully into, your BEST version of a TRULY GREAT RELATIONSHIP – the relationship you know, deep in your soul, you were meant to be happy in.

There’s a good chance that, if you’re reading this page, you’re in a relationship that could either be BETTER, or A LOT BETTER!).





Transform Yourself AND Your Relationship To Create Extraordinary Love, Trust and Beautiful Emotional Safety

I took the same system I teach my private clients – who are creating major breakthroughs in their relationships – and I turned it into an online program that shows you what you need to know.

"BEFORE working with Shawn, we knew we were falling into unhealthy patterns. But didn't know what to do for many years. 


The tools Shawn taught us keep propelling us forward and keep us deeply connected to each other. And now, several months later, everything continues to improve at a beautiful, steady pace."

- Alexis Underwood, GA Pacific Executive, Loren Simmons, Sustainability Expert

This 4-month program is taught by me (Dr. Shawn Haywood).
Here's What You'll Get...

3 Live Classes Each Month For 3 Months

  • Each month features 3 live classes.

  • 2 classes will feature the month's themed content (see course outline below)

  • + 1 fantastic  live Q&A class with Dr. Haywood

  • This is an $1800 VALUE

3 Private Sessions with Dr. Haywood

  • Each month you will get one private coaching session with Dr. Haywood

  • This way you will have invaluable individual support with your core challenges

  • You'll be able to solve problems faster and more effectively with this support! 

  • This is a $1200 VALUE

Recordings of All Classes

  • Worried you won’t be able to make it to every live class? That’s okay! You’ll get video recording of every class + you can submit your questions for Shawn in pre or post each class via email.

  • Classes and handouts are conveniently emailed to you, so you can download them & re-watch as many times as you need to.

  • (This material is so good, you will want to revisit the courses multiple times!)

  • This is an $500 VALUE

Templates, Tools, Handouts & Guides

  • Defining success in life & love template

  • Goal tracking template

  • Emotional weapons removal plan

  • Handy 5 best ways feel happy in 5 minutes or less

  • Couple's top 5 quick Connection activities

  • And so much more!

  • This is an $300 VALUE

I PROMISE, anything is possible. I have seen a ton of magic & miracles in dozens of clients and couples over the past 19 years of coching.

Maybe you are thinking, Shawn can't help because we are way beyond savingsNo matter where you are currently, ANYTHING is possible. I have been coaching couples for 18 years and have seen every conceivable... and inconceivable problem and opportunity.

Maybe this is you:


From general waning relationship challenges, to 'falling out of love' and extra-marital affairs, to forgetting how to be friends (or never were) and fighting like cats and dogs, to nagging, controlling, lack of family prioritization and passive aggression, to couples as business partners (and all that can go with it!), to blending families and open marriages, to couples who live in separate homes (by choice!), and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! 


I have faced these and so have my clients, they can be over come. I have done it and so have my clients

No matter what you're facing, I've seen it and helped, not just over come it, but have taught couples to flourish in joy, love, adventure and deep connection!

Only 20 Spots Available!


Month 1:

 Get Clear, Dream Big, Set Up For Success

The 4-step formula for changing your relationship TODAY – So that you can get more of what you want and need

Understand how taking responsibility in a completely new way will shift your relationship in powerful and totally surprising ways- toward joy and happiness no mater what your situation is currently- (psst…this was a HUGE secret to Chris and my relationship success!) 

3 simple steps to upgrade your personal and relationship habits in BIG ways so that you can feel lighter, more focused, inspired and energized

Understand how to leverage one another's strengths, ideas and points of views, so that you can collaborate, make decision and move through conflict with ease, unconditional care, inspiration and love

4 sound rituals that get you back in the game when you get off track physically, emotionally, and relationally

Month 2

Reveal The Emotional Weapons That Are Crippling Your Relationship & SOLVE Them FAST:

3 simple steps to upgrade your habits in BIG ways so you can feel lighter, more focused, inspired and energized

Uncover the number 1 skill you need to stop feeling crappy, resentful or frustrated toward your partner, so that you can feel good, actually solve the problems that come up between you and your darling, and rebound quickly

Receive word for word scripts on how to set boundaries with your partner so that you can get more of what you want and need, without fighting, nagging

Uncover the 8 emotional weapons used in nearly EVERY relationship and learn to trade them for skills that build deep trust, connection, care, play and adventure!

A step by step blueprint for rapidly removing conflict, so that you and your sweetie can shed the drama and feel so great together

The 3-step formula to run your relationship like a business - it might now sound 'sexy, but it is amazing and highly effective and makes space for LOTS of love and connection.

Month 3:

Secrets To Living & Loving In Harmony

3 sound strategies for clearly defining success and setting your relationship (family) up to achieve success ONLY - there is no second direction!

Reveal and practice the key communication and connection tools and techniques Chris and I use personally, on a daily basis and that I have been teaching my clients for nearly 2 decades!

Learn how to get a lot MORE of what you want and need in your life and relationship

Get the SINGLE most valuable puzzle piece to a consistently joyful, peaceful, trusting and emotionally gorgeous relationship- You will NOT want to miss this!

Is This Course Right For You?

  • This course is a deep dive into learning how to create a relationship that is truly GREAT. Are you looking to create an amazingly great relationship?

  • This course is NOT for those who are afraid to, or unwilling to, dig in and REMOVE, not manage the stuff that clutters up your relationship. Are you ready to remove negative habits and patterns from your life and relationship?

  • This course is for those who are ready to take responsibility for all the power you have to change a relationship for the better. Are you ready to be accountable?

"Mike and I hit the toughest time in our marriage when we started a business together. But, we found Shawn and literally, everything has changed in powerful and profound ways!"Shawn is such a gifted Relationship & Business coach and has helped us grow exponentially in our businesses and in our wonderful relationship. We were completely blown away by how much we've accomplished and how much we have grown during our time working with Shawn. We cannot thank you enough Shawn!" 

- Mike Stoudt & Heidi Rew, Voice Over & On Air Talent + Owners of Atlanta Voice Over Studio

""Our vision of life and marriage is aligned now, which has removed a ton of stress and pressure, and added a lot of care an joy."We take things less seriously and our focus is on play and love, with work being lower on the totem pole!  Julie is happier, which makes me happier!  We are both more approachable when it comes to problems, and this feels really, really  good.  We now prioritize better and take great care of ourselves, while also focusing on caring for each other. Married life is easier with the tools and a plan to navigate lovingly, vulnerably and confidently." 

- Daniel Jessee, Mountain Bike & Adventure Maven! REI Director & Dr. Julie Granger, Owner, PRISM PT & Coaching


Class Kicks Off AUGUST, 2019

Classes occur on WEDNESDAYS

All classes are recorded for your convenience!



3 Months


7:00 pm EST, 6:00 Central, 4:00 am Pacific

ALL class are recorded for you in case you miss the live class.


Class is limited to 10 people

Limited number to have plenty of time for personal attention


Dr. Haywood (Read more about her!)


3, 90 minute virtual classes each month

Private Calls

Will happen via the plain ole' telephone!

Class Platform



Can I take this program WITHOUT my partner?

YES! And you will love the whole experience. Usually about half of the participants attend solo. You'll walk away with incredible insight about yourself (and your partner) and your habits as a couple. You'll learn about communication habits that serve and ones that undermine your love, care and trust.  


You will also gain a slew of new tools to utilize to move your partnerships toward RELATIONSHIP GREATNESS, and you'll even be able to model amazing new improvements for each your partner - which will have him (or her) asking, "Wow! What have you been up to? And how do I get in on it?" 

You'll walk away feeling confident, courageous and willing to participate in your relationship in fresh, inspiring new ways. Or if your relationship is really on the rocks, you will feel confident one way or another that this IS or IS NOT the relationship for you and you will feel totally sound, confident and courageous about the steps you need to talk moving forward.

Can I take this program WITH my partner?

YES! And you will BOTH love the whole experience. You will both be shocked and amazed at the amount of growth you experience in just 4 months. You'll walk away with incredible insight about yourself, each other, and your habits as a couple (the positive and the not so positive). While learning to systematically REMOVE, not manage, the pieces of your relationship that are leading to resentment, frustration, disconnection and division. 


You'll learn to communication in ways that serve each of you in truly beautiful and collaborative ways, and remove habits that undermine love, care and trust.  


You will also gain a slew of new tools to utilize to move your partnerships toward RELATIONSHIP GREATNESS, and you'll even be able to model amazing new improvements for each your partner - which will have him (or her) asking, "Wow! What have you been up to? And how do I get in on it?" 

You'll walk away feeling confident, courageous and willing to participate in your relationship in fresh, inspiring new ways. Or if your relationship is really on the rocks, you will feel confident one way or another that this IS or IS NOT the relationship for you and you will feel totally sound, confident and courageous about the steps you need to talk moving forward.

Completely Connected To Your Partner, Without Worrying About Walking On Eggshells, Fighting or Disconnection?


 4 payments of $275



1 payment of $1999


3 payments of $699



I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the information delivered in Relationship Greatness 3 Month Course. SO I’m giving you a 30 day trial period. Which starts on the FIRST DAY OF THE FIRST CLASS. That gives you through Class #3, plus a few days, to decide that you love this program. If for some reason this course doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll send you questions to prove that you’ve been listening to the classes. Assuming you answer the questions. You have my word on it, we will refund you in full!

RELATIONSHIP GREATNESS LIVE GROUP COACHING COURSE is a my new baby! This 4 month course is designed to create space for individuals and couples to become truly great - as well as couples who are READY for a PROFOUND shift in their relationship and life.  To move from stress to calm, frustration to ease, pain to peace, blame to intention, resentment to vulnerability, and confusion to crystal clarity and beautiful relationship success.


This workshop is for couples who are ready to stop struggling, stop being stuck in the same old habits, and who want to fly at their highest altitudes of couple-ship excellence. This experience is for couples who want to go bigger, deeper, jucier, happier and FREER! 







Cheers to you friends. Good luck in all of your endeavors. Be happy. Love with all of your heart- even when you don't feel like it!

Dr. Shawn Haywood