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Preview Excerpt: Emotional Weapon #2, Blaming

"... Any form of blaming is a dominance tactic born out of a feeling of powerless. Additionally, aggression, anger, resentment and frustration will be present as well when blaming, (even if masked or expressed with a smile or laugh). 


However, it is the sense of powerlessness that you will want to address and will allow you to efficiently remove this extremely destructive challenge. Those who feel powerless (even if occasionally), display dominance tactics- it is human nature. It just so happens, that any form of dominance, like blaming or anger is exceedingly destructive to relationships.


Think of powerlessness is the virus and things like anger, blaming, and shouting are the symptoms and expressions. Yet, it is the blaming that you need  to get a handle on, as removing blaming, removes a whole host of deeply challenging internal and relational problems. 

"When there is not blaming, there is NO longer anything to fight about!" a


Blaming is the most common way to play the victim and to abdicate responsibility. Blame says: ‘If you would do, (be, act, or speak ) the way I want you to, then I can be happy, (satisfied, feel good enough’, and so on). Blaming is a control tactic and a way to trigger guilt and shame in others. Most of the time, blaming is nothing but a projection: a way of expressing one’s own inner self-doubt, insecurity, or lack of self love and confidence.


Usually when we using blame of any kind, it is because we feel unheard, rejected, abandoned, unloved, undeserving or unimportant. The amazing (and sometimes difficult) news here is - you and only you are responsible for healing and removing these any feelings or beliefs tied to feeling or believing you are rejected, abandoned, unloved, undeserving, unworthy, or unimportant. I can say with the utmost confidence that when you become disciplined in your self-protection skills, i.e. set strong and resilient boundaries or speak your mind in loving assertiveness, the various forms of EWs begin to dissolve to a fairly high degree..."

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