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Meet chris haywood


Helping Couples Thrive By Supporting Through Tech Support and Chief Financial Officer


Over the last 19 years, Shawn has guided and helped nurture the lives, relationships, and businesses of many powerful individuals and couples. 


She helps her clients birth healthy, deeply vulnerable, connected, loving, and relationships while learning to create strong boundaries, communicate kindly and bravely, and at the same time- build profitable businesses together or in support of one another.


Shawn has been seen speaking to organizations and leaders at companies like UPS and Coke, connection groups like GWBC and eWomen, and featured on television networks such as CBS, and NBC, and countless podcasts, like 'The Heidi Rew Show' and  'In Your Pants'.


Although Shawn's career has been full of many outstanding triumphs, what fills her with the utmost gratitude is her clients:  


“Nothing makes me more excited, often to the point of tears, as when I see a client have a big breakthrough and share a success story that has changed their life, unified a troubled marriage, or multiply her income.” 

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